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Welcome everyone to 2012, the year the Mayan calendar spells out doom.

We do find ourselves in another tough year as the economy goes which will no doubt affect our recreation activities. We also are in the midst of an election year with candidates making promises we can only hope they can keep.
On a good note. The first 2012 ISSA regional Schuetzenfest has been held in Las Vegas .

I heard from Vice President Randy Wright that over 20 shooters turned out in unseasonably cold and windy weather to make a successful shoot. Thanks to the hard work of Pat Weber and her crew.

We shooters have a couple of challenge matches for 2012. The ASSRA has proposed a national match to be held on election day. This is a .22 cal rim fire at 100 yards off hand. Ten rounds only will be fired at each of 10 targets. See the Single Shot Rifle Journal for more details.

The ISSA has issued a challenge to the ASSRA and the WSU (Wyoming Shooting Union) members to shoot in our match at Raton. See the ISSA web site home page for details.

I hope this finds you in good health and ready to start off the 2012 shooting year. Please try to support the regional matches in your area. A list of which is on the ISSA web site.

Speaking of the web site. Take a look. Randy Wright has been busy up-dating and the site looks great.

Thank you to former President Dave Purcell for all his hard work and support of the Association.

Thank you also to all the Board members for their hard work to keep the ISSA moving forward.

I know that the economy makes it difficult to do everything we would like. But remember we are an aging lot of shooters and getting together to share memories and fellowship is a large part of our sport.

Please try to make it to Raton to share in the fun.

Gary Miller

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