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At the 2007 International Schuetzenfest, we added a new side match for original German schuetzen rifles which was well received and will be continued for this year. A similar match (as also proposed by Russ Gent) for early, original American schuetzen style rifles is being added for 2008. Like the German match, this will be a twenty round, offhand, iron sight match. Registration for each of these matches will be done at the schuetzenfest.

An additional fun event will be provided by the San Diego group who are bringing their zimmerschuetzen rifles and will be setting up a course for all who want to try their hand with these interesting arms.

With many companies curtailing or reducing their sponsorship and contribution practices, keeping a good supply of prizes for our events, without raising entry fees, continues to be difficult. If you have connections /ability to obtain useful prizes, please contact Bruce Kirby or Russ Gent who head up our prize committee.

To keep schuetzen alive and well it is important that we all keep working at recruiting new participants for the sport.

Good shooting to all.

Dave Purcell,
ISSA president

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