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Many central European Schuetzen rifles now reside in the Unites States. Although cartridge cases, bullet moulds and sights are now much more available than in the past, these rifles are largely curiosity pieces and more likely found in the closet rather than the shooting range. The intent of the traditional German rifle match is to perpetuate the spirit and techniques of the Schuetzen matches as shot in continental Europe prior to 1940 and to share loading techniques to enable these rifles to shoot to their potential. In all phases of this match, competitors are encouraged to use equipment and techniques consistent with the original matches.


This match is limited to single shot German or central European Schuetzen rifles made prior to 1940. Only falling block or swinging block rifles such as the Martini, Aydt and other variations of these actions are allowed. No bolt action rifles will be allowed. Cartridges are limited to traditional European Schuetzen chamberings such as the 8.15 X 46R, 22 RF and some 9.3’s. Original unaltered rifles are strongly encouraged and any modifications or replacements must be consistent with the original configuration. Consistent with popular opinion among early European shooters, no palm rest or finger rest will be allowed.


Iron sights only. Since many of these rifles were brought to the United States without sights, replacement sights will frequently be required on these rifles. Since several vendors can furnish faithful rear sights and they help characterize the essence of the German Schuetzen rifle, rear sights not consistent with the original configuration will not be allowed. Faithful front sight replacements are much harder to find and fit so more latitude will be given and replacements such as a Lyman 17A will be allowed. No Redfield international or similar sights will be allowed. The shooter is responsible for maintaining as close to an original rifle configuration as possible.

Course of Fire

Twenty shots offhand using the 25 ring target at 200 yards.


On items not covered in these rules, ISSA open class and traditional class rules will be in effect. A jury of three German rifle class shooters will be assembled to rule on any equipment or match disputes that arise. Fixed ammunition is encouraged but breech seating is allowed if the rifle has not been modified to allow use of the breechseater.

Rules adopted 2008



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